Currently the VEMS Website is still a work in progress and more campus buildings will be added as they are rebuilt. At this site you may go to "Browse" and view a calendar of events, view facilities, and view spaces utilized (and available) by building. On the Browse screens you may refine your search by clicking 'Filter' in the upper right corner.

Spaces currently available to view and request in Virtual EMS, plus building coordinator's phone:

The Student Center (304-876-5497)

Outdoor Spaces (304-876-5497)

Reynolds Hall (304-876-5497)

Ruth Scarborough Library (304-876-5421)

If you'd like to make a reservation and do not have an account, please go to "My Account" above, then "Create an Account" and fully respond with the requested information.

Once you have created an account, you may then go to one of the three Room Reservation Requests and follow the instructions for making a room request:

1. Reservations > Self Serve User Room Request (To request all rooms within the system, with the exception of the Games Zone & McMurran Hall Grounds.);

2. Reservations > Games Zone Self Serve User Room Request (To request Bowling, Billiards, Games Zone Party [both bowling & billiards] in the Shepherd University Student Center.); and,

3. Reservations > McMurran Hall Grounds Self Serve User Room Request (To request use of the McMurran Hall Grounds. Please note in making this request you must view and agree to certain terms and conditions.).

Once you complete your reservation, you may return to “Reservations>View My Requests” and you may view and/or edit/cancel all of your Web Requests. When you have finished your session go to "My Account">"Log Out".

If you wish to use Shepherd University Catering, please contact Marcey Clemence at or visit the Catering website, A confirmed room reservation DOES NOT include catering services.

On many of the 'toolbars' and 'headers' within Virtual EMS, if you see a ' blue '?' ' you may click on it or the word ‘Help’ and be given suggestions which we hope will be of assistance. If you encounter any problems, please contact the Building Coordinator for the building you are attempting to schedule.

You may return to this Home Page at any time, by clicking the Shepherd Logo in the upper left corner or by clicking “VEMS Home” on the toolbar.